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Dan Everett

Q Cash Cow

Hey there buddy... we'll give you ca$h! 

Milk our Q Cash Cow for all she's worth by squeezing out some mega moolah!

Do you have the guts to accept the challenge to keep milking the Q Cow for all the money before she loses her cool? If you keep going, the moolay could be higher, lower, or a kicked over milk can leaving you empty-handed! 

Q Country Cash Cow will be giving away $15,000 this fall! 

How To Play:

    1. Tune in Monday - Friday between 7:00am and 7:00pm for your chance to play two times daily.
    2. Listen for the cow sound effect and be caller #9 by calling 204-725-2525. 
    3. See how long you can milk the Q Cow before she kicks over the milk can! The longer you go, the more you may win, or you might walk away empty-handed. 
    4. Tell us to STOP when you've had enough, and you WIN that amount of money!
    5. Each Cash Cow has the option to automatically receive $50 or milk the Cash Cow to win any amount up to $500! 

    Sponsored By:

    Cheque's will be available within 7-10 business days after winning and Q Country will contact you when you can pick them up. ID is required.

    Contest runs August 19 - October 11; excluding September 2