Addison enjoying life in Pittsburgh after NHL Draft

25.06.2018 17:24
By: Matthew Higgs

Brandonite Calen Addison picked 53rd overall by Penguins

Pittsburgh, PA (CKLQ) - It didn't take long for new Pittsburgh Penguin Calen Addison to get to see his new hometown after getting selected 53rd overall in the NHL Entry Draft on Saturday.

On Sunday, he was flown to the Steel City to meet organization members and get to become more accustomed to the city that he will eventually reside.

The Brandon-product travelled to Dallas for the big day on Friday, but had to wait one extra day to get picked.

"I had a good idea that I was going to be picked, but I didn't know when," said Addison.

Addison was there for Day 1, which is exclusively held for the first round of the draft, but on Day 2 his name was finally called by the Penguins.

But he was given an opportunity only a few second rounders get to have at the NHL Draft.

He was the team's first pick of the whole draft, since Pittsburgh didn't draft anyone in the first round.

Since then, he has been given a team's number one pick treatment, and was immediately flown to Pittsburgh.

"I won't be back home until the weekend," said Addison. "But for now, I have a couple of days for sight-seeing before I hit the ice."

A three-day camp starts on Wednesday.

Addison is set to go back to his WHL team, the Lethbridge Hurricanes, next season, but he says he will still do as much as he can to make an impression this off-season.