Brandon firefighter's rooftop camp out for charity starts Wednesday

13.03.2018 08:52
By: Frank McGwire

Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba and Muscular Dystrophy Canada will benefit

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Since it's inception, it has brought in well over $110,000 in donations.

Firefighter Sheldon Reynolds says he hopes the sixth edition of the rooftop camp out raises that total considerably.

"Hopefully our goal is $30,000 this year," said Reynolds.

However, they've managed to continue a positive trend in regards to money raised.

"Every year we've surpassed our goal so crossing our fingers again we can reach it again" Reynolds said.

The higher totals are always nice but the local firefighters are also in it to spread the word about the charities involved.

"Really as long as we can raise some awareness and some funds for Muscular Dystrophy and Cerebral Palsy we're pretty happy in the end," Reynolds said.

He says people in this area are amazing when it comes to supporting a good cause.

"Westman and Brandon has never let us down, so it's always been a good event," said Reynolds.

Part of the fundraising drive will be done with the a firefighter's boot which is a classic tradition.

"The firefighters first got together in 1954 and to help bring in money they created a boot drive. it really helps get the donations up to the rooftop," Reynolds said.

Reynolds will climb up to the rooftop at noon today, he'll be joined by Adam Desjardin, Rob Wilson and Carter (CJ) Thiessen. 

The highest individual cash donation was a $100.00 but it varies from year to year.

The average donation is usually around $20.00 but the most meaningful came with a handwritten note.

"We were going through the boot last year and somebody taped a note on their twenty, it said their daughter had Muscular Dystrophy and they appreciated our efforts and don't ever stop," Reynolds said.

It's moments like those that inspire the firefighters year in and year out.

"That was pretty meaningful to see that. The guys felt really good after reading that. You pull that out of the boot not knowing who put it in there or anything, it was pretty cool," said Reynolds.

Westman chapters of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba and Muscular Dystrophy Canada will benefit. 

The event wraps up Saturday with a bud & spud event at the Canad Inns Roadhouse with prize draws including a pair of Winnipeg Jets tickets and more.

Tickets available at either Brandon fire hall.