Brandon mother of four in coma after car accident in Colombia

12.01.2018 16:36
By: Matthew Higgs

Rosa Gamez remains in an induced coma

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - A tragedy for a Brandon family that's now separated after a car accident in Columbia, with the mother in a coma and the father injured as well.

For Christmas, Rosa Gamez and her husband, Hector Jaime, were given a trip to Colombia by their four children. 

Son Hollman Gamez told QCountry News, "It was a present to see their family in their native land."

On the morning of January 7 while on their trip in Aranzazu Caldas, the two parents were involved an accident.

The accident left Gamez in an induced coma, suffering also from a broken pelvis, along with hand and abdominal injuries.

Jaime suffered several cuts to his face, an ankle injury and two broken teeth. 

Gamez is awaiting surgery at this time, and doctors say she will require up to three months of recovery time.

A recent update from the family indicates Rosa opened her eyes for a few seconds, and started to move the tube in her mouth.

The Gamez family lives in Brandon and has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for expenses like hospital bills, mortgage payments for the family home, and a possible trip for the four children to see their mother.

They are looking at raising $25,000, and at the time of this article, just over $2,000 dollars had been raised.

Hollman Gamez said he is thankful to the people who have donated.

"There are no words to describe the support we are receiving right now." said Gamaz. "We are so grateful to our community."