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Brandon named an All-Star in fair trade

04.04.2018 12:35
By: Cam Hallas

City recognized for forth year in a row

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - The City of Brandon has once again been recognized for being a champion in fair trade.

Chair of the Brandon Fair Trade Town Committee, Mireille Saurette said Brandon has been a fair trade town since 2014.

According to Saurette, Brandon has swept that awards category for the past three years.

"This year we've been awarded a special recognition as Fair Trade All-Star for our continued leadership in the Fair Trade Town program. We also won the Fair Trade Event award which honored the Fair Trade Feast of 2017," said Saurette.

Saurette said this means that consumers are purchasing fair trade in the City of Brandon. 

"Because the products wouldn't stay on the shelves if they weren't purchasing fair trade. It also means that City Council and the Mayor are continuing to support the initiative," said Saurette.

Saurette said unfortunately, Brandon wasn't able to win the "Fair Trade Town" award for the year.

That's because the city has won the award too many times.

"So we got the All-Star instead, which is a little bit funny. It was for special recognition. Technically, we were up for it again, but because of the rule change we didn't get it," said Saurette.

May is Fair Trade Month, and Saurette said it will start promoting its "Fair Trade Friday's" campaign which it usually does in the fall.