Brandon residents being encouraged to take back the streets

14.02.2018 13:48
By: Cam Hallas

Local advocate wants to rid Brandon of illicit drugs

Photo credit: Kim Longstreet

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - A local woman is trying to inspire others to take back the streets in Brandon from things like meth and other illicit drugs.

Kim Longstreet is the founder of the RJ Streetz Foundation, which she created as a way for people in the community to give back. To help launch her foundation, Longstreet has come up with a unique fundraising campaign she's encouraging other Brandon residents to take part in.

Everything will lead up to an event Longstreet has planned for May 26, the "Take Back Our Streetz Solidarity Rally".

"And the fundraiser that's involved with it is for citizens to be able to sponsor a street - their street if they want - and come on event day and promote their street and show their pride for whatever part of the community they happen to live in."

For only $25, Longstreet said you can sponsor your own neighbourhood.

"So once all the streets are done and sponsored, of course people can continue to donate to the foundation, but the goal is to have all 340 streets sponsored before the event day."

Cleaning up Brandon's streets from drugs like meth is an important mission for Longstreet, who said the vile drug has impacted her own family. 

"I do have my son, my only child, who has been struggling with IV meth use. He's been struggling for a few years now." Longstreet said seeing the growing issue with meth in the community has spurred her on to take action.

A number of event are planned for the "Take Back Our Streetz Solidarity Rally", including live music, motivational speakers and a peaceful walk through Brandon's downtown core led by the local Bear Clan Patrol.