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UPDATE: Lockdown at Earl Oxford School ends quickly

07.05.2019 12:29
By: Frank McGwire

Brandon Police respond to the call quickly to handle the matter

UPDATE: An unexpected visitor entered Earl Oxford School this morning prompting officials to put the school into lock down mode.

The woman claimed she was being followed and felt threatened.

Brandon Police Sergeant Kirby Sararas says the matter was quickly handled by BPS officers.

"The School official acted accordingly and contained her in a room and immediately notified the school administration to put the school into lockdown so that police could respond and search the school. We did so and no other person or threat was found," said Sararas.

The woman is believed to have been suffering with mental health issues upon entering the school.

BPS confirm the matter was dealt with safely and lasted no more than an hour.

"At no time were any staff or students in any danger," Sergeant Sararas said.



Heavy Police presence reported at Earl Oxford School shortly after 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

According to eye witness accounts, as many as five Brandon Police cruisers entered the parking lot on the south side of the school located at 18th Street and Victoria Avenue.

Officers were seen running into the building.

BPS has confirmed the school had gone into lockdown mode.

However, officers were quickly able to deal with matter.

We'll have more information as it becomes available.