CEO of Pulse Canada in India

13.02.2018 14:02
By: Matthew Higgs

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heading to India next week

New Delhi, IN (CKLQ) - Canadian Pulse Imports will be a major topic of conversation for the next few weeks in India.

The CEO for Pulse Canada Gordon Bacon is in India to talk about trade issues with the country.

One of those concerns is fumigation laws that he hopes will eventually be put away for Canada.

"We shouldn't be paying so much to fumigate our pulses since we don't have pests." said Bacon.

He says farmers are starting not to include as many pulses in their rotations.

It's becoming more expensive to send exports to the country.

Countries have to pay an import levy which is currently 50 per cent on peas, 33 per cent on lentils, and 44 per cent on chickpeas.

To help Bacon in his talks will be Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He will heading to India for his state visit from February 17 to 23.