City targeting medians for snow clearing

13.03.2018 16:00
By: Cam Hallas

Congested neighborhoods being tackled Wednesday

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - City officials say crews are finishing up snow clearing operations around Brandon.

City Public Works Director, Mark Yeomans said the remaining streets are some of the most congested when it comes to parking.

"So these streets will have to be signed 24 hours ahead. Then with the cooperation of residents residing on these streets, we will get these streets cleaned hopefully Tuesday night and finish some time Wednesday," said Yeomans.

Yeomans said to look for the no-parking signs, and that people should be able to see about half-a-dozen signs if their neighborhood still needs clearing.

Yeomans said he's aware that some residents are concerned about snow piling up on medians, and that crews will start clearing medians as soon as regular snow clearing operations are complete.

"And we will be dealing with them going forward over the next two weeks, but it all takes a bit of time. We urge residents, if they have a major concern, just phone in to the public works department and we will look into each and every phone call," said Yeomans.

The past week has also given Brandon's Public Works Department a chance to test out several new pieces of sidewalk clearing equipment.

According to Yeomans, if the city likes what it sees, it will purchase new equipment following the 2019 budget process.

"What we're finding is our current pieces of equipment, we need to have them a little more reliable than they have been in the past. We're hoping some of the new pieces show signs of being more durable."