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Dome Building renovations enter the home stretch

16.06.2017 12:30
By: Will Streilein

Officials plan to open the Dome Building for the 2018 Manitoba Summer Fair

There's a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to renovations of the Dome Building in Brandon.

"We're on the home stretch," says Ron Kristjansson, General Manager of the Provincial Exhibition on Manitoba.

During a tour of the building, Kristjansson says the drill about 50 geothermal wells on the South side of the building for heat.

That will go along with the heated floor in what will be known as the Agriculture Learning Centre.

Kristjansson says the floor is one of the last big pieces to be finished before the offices can be put into place.

"We've got a contractor in grinding the floor and putting a polish on it," say Kristjansson. "Each stone stands out and it's going to be a beautiful floor."

Given that the office space work can begin once the floor and plumbing is complete Kristjansson expects the project to be complete in 6-8 months time.

He hopes to officially open the building for the Summer Fair in 2018.

That will be 105 years since the building was opened for the 1913 Dominion Fair.

Once the building itself is complete Kristjansson says "we want to develop a agricultural park on the grounds with garden plots, composting plots and cereal plots."

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