UPDATE: Both trucks recovered from Deerboine Colony robbery

10.07.2018 15:20
By: Frank McGwire

One found on the Long Plains First Nation

Rivers, MB (CKLQ) - Rivers Police say both of the stolen vehicles from the Deerboine Colony armed robbery have been recovered.

Police say one of the vehicles was found on the Long Plains First Nation in a mud bog by the Manitoba First Nations Police Service.

Police Chief Bob Futrell says there was some evidence in the vehicle, but no further details were provided.

The other vehicle, which was taken from the Redfern Farm Services shop in Rivers, was recovered the day after the robbery.

Police say they still have no suspects at this time, and the investigation continues.

Futrell adds this is now an investigation involving the Manitoba First Nations Police Service and the RCMP since it extends further than the Riverdale Municipality.


Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - An update on the Deerboine Colony armed robbery story Q Country News broke last week.

One of the two trucks stolen over the Canada Day long weekend has been recovered by Rivers Police.

Mel Hofer, Treasure and spokesperson for Deerboine Colony says the vehicle was found in a mud bog near Long Plains First Nation.

Rivers Police continue to investigate and are preparing a statement for later this afternoon.

Another truck was stolen on July 1st, Rivers Police say that incident could be connected to the same crime ring responsible for as many as four similar incidents in the Rivers and MacGregor, Manitoba areas. 

Meanwhile a new surveillance image has been provided to Q Country news.

The image shows one of the three suspects wandering around the garage on the Deerboine Colony compound with what appears to be rifle equipped with a scope. 

(Photo submitted)


Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - An armed robbery at Deerboine Colony is believed to be linked to as many as four similar robberies in Riverdale and at Redfern Farm Services on Canada Day.

Rivers Police said they were told that a truck and other goods were stolen by armed suspects, and that surveillance video captured the acts.

Deerboine Colony Treasurer Mel Hofer said, three armed suspects stole a 2011 250 Super Duty Lariat Truck from the garage at the colony shortly before dawn on Sunday. 

"It's almost as though they were professional thieves or it was an organized crime because they knew the most expensive vehicle to take," Hofer said.

Redfern Farm Services also reported a stolen truck prior to the Deerboine incident.

Pictured (250 Super Duty Lariat Truck stolen from Deerboine Colony)

Hofer said it's important to notify the people in the area because of the frightening nature of the crime.

"The neighbors were so worried about their kids, they were actually shivering on their couch because of the loaded guns," Hofer said. 

Rivers Police are currently investigating all the incidents.  

Anyone with information relating to these incidents is asked to call Rivers Police.