Grain Farmers upset over lack of refund from CGC

04.08.2018 09:14
By: Matthew Higgs

CGC argues refund is illegal

Ottawa, ON (CKLQ) - The Canadian Grain Farmers are disappointed after news that the Canadian Grain Commission plans to keep a $130 million surplus and use it to expand their services.

The Grain Farmers says that in previous talks the surplus was meant to go back to the farmers through reduced user fees.

The surplus is expected to be split several ways, including the creation of a $40 million contingency fund with the rest going to investments.

GGC President, Jeff Nielsen says that farmers have overpaid for user fees for years, and says reduced fees should have been the first step when handling a surplus.

Meanwhile the CGC says it consulted with the GGC but says a refund would be impossible considering the Canada Grain Act does not allow them to refund the fees.