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Human Error Leads to Runaway Train

12.04.2019 11:24
By: Branden Crowe

Minnedosa incident from 2018

Minnedosa, MB (CKLQ) - CP Rail has deemed last year's runaway train incident in Minnedosa a result of "Human Error."

On New Years Day 2018, a train with more than 100 grain cars rolled uncontrolled down a hill through the community. 

After an investigation, a federal watchdog said that the incident happened as a result of improperly trained staff. 

According to the report, a knuckle connector linking the trains broke which engaged the trains air brake system. When the crew fixed the issue and tried to charge the braking system, they didn't wait long enough and the train pulled apart. 

The train came to a stop on its own, and no one was hurt in the incident.