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Mather Votes No to Selling Town to Colony

10.04.2019 09:41
By: Branden Crowe

Community members turn down an offer

Mather, MB (CKLQ) - The lawyers for the Willow Creek Hutterite Colony say that the Village of Mather has vetoed an offer to purchase the town. 

A report from the CBC last week said that residents of the hamlet southeast of Brandon were in shock at the idea of having to uproot to make room for the expanding colony. 

Lawyer John Stewart tells QCountry that a community meeting was held Monday night where an offer was made to purchase properties starting at one and a half times it's assessed value.

Community members voted no to the deal that reportedly included all the houses, the arena and the post office.

Stewart says that colonies regularly try to expand and that offers like this are more common than people think.