Meth use a top concern for Brandon Police

13.02.2018 14:25
By: Cam Hallas

Officials say it's the "go-to" drug of choice in Brandon

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Brandon Police officials say the biggest drug issue they face in the community right now is crystal meth.

Crime Support Sergeant with Brandon Police, Jason Dupuis said it is working with outside organizations on outreach. "We have our community mobilization unit and our victim services unit, and they would work with the outside agencies on that part for dealing with families and people who are actually addicted to meth. As far as my involved and our section, it's purely enforcement."

Meth is definitely a problem in Brandon according to Dupuis. Maybe not the crisis that's being reported in Winnipeg, but Dupuis said it is the go-to drug of choice in Brandon.

"It's the biggest chunk of our job right now. Our biggest issue (for drug enforcement) is actually crystal meth in Brandon. Percentage wise of the seizures that we've made over the last year, probably we could say that 80 to 85 per cent of everything seized would have been meth."

It's not just members from Brandon Police that are working tirelessly to clean-up streets in Brandon. Prairie Mountain Health co--hosted a meeting with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba in Brandon last week to discuss gaps in service, and to assist in the development of a plan to address the growing issue of meth in Brandon and surrounding communities.

In a statement from PMH, Vice President of Community Health Janet Wilcox-McKay said the organization is working with local groups and stakeholders, including Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, on a strategy to address short and long term needs for prevention, stabilization and treatment.

A provincial spokesperson said a meeting will take place in Winnipeg on Wednesday to develop an action plan to address urgent gaps related to crystal meth use. More than 60 groups have been invited.