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Multiple Westman businesses penalized for unsanitary conditions

12.07.2018 10:57
By: Matthew Higgs

One Brandon business faces 17 violations

Winnipeg, MB (CKLQ) - According to the latest health protection report from the Manitoba Government, 20 Westman food establishments were penalized over the past year for violations.

One business in Brandon, got hit with 17 violations, which accounted to nearly $13,000 in fines.

The North Grocery Store Company Ltd. was given multiple charges, which includes failing to comply with guidelines issued by the Public Health Inspector, handle food under unsanitary conditions, and display food in an improper manner namely unpackaged, in garbage bags and on the floor.

The Roll N' Pin in Brandon was given two violations for failing to maintain a safe internal temperature for potentially hazardous food and not giving proper hand washing areas for employees.

The Prairie Harvest Restaurant and Pizzeria in Crystal City had two violations for operating a food handling with poor sanitation, and failing to ensure that a food contact surface is washed and sanitized. 

Meanwhile, two Westman businesses were closed this past year, and two swimming pools were shut down.

Zeng Residence in Brandon was closed back in October because it was running a food establishment without a permit.

The Bamboo Garden Restaurant in Neepawa was closed for five days in April, because to failed to register or get a permit before starting up the business, and being unsure if the dish washing machine was capable of sanitizing properly.

An outdoor whirlpool at the Russell Inn was closed back in February, and has yet to reopen because the business didn't have a permit.

And a whirlpool at the Peak Performance & Athletics was closed in February because the pool did not meet specific requirements.

For a full list of establishments that were penalized or closed from the latest health protection report, you can click here.