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Province supports landlords hoping to evict drug dealers

06.05.2019 15:04
By: Brad Gordon

New Landlord's Fact Sheet will help landlords assemble evidence, get timely hearings for eviction

The Provincial government wants to give landlords support in evicting drug dealers and other undesirables from rental properties.

The government is issuing a fact sheet that clarifies the process of eviction.

Justice Minister Cliff Cullen says landlords often struggle to gather and present the evidence they need to evict drug dealers and other criminals from their rental properties.

Cullen says landlords now have access to prompt hearings at the Residential Tenancies Branch.

The new Landlords' Fact Sheet clarifies the evidence that is needed to support an "order of possession" appication.

To further assist landlords, Manitoba Justice's Public Safety Investigation Unit can help gather the necessary evidence.

The fact sheet also spells out the evidence required for quick eviction.