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Riding Mountain National Park home to "Snowplaces"

06.02.2018 15:21
By: Matthew Higgs

The living room display to be carved out this week

Wasagaming, MB (CKLQ) - Artist James Culleton will be at Riding Mountain National Park to create living rooms outside.

Culleton will take his love for furniture interiors outside into a snowy landscape.

He will be creating snow carvings of living rooms, equipped with 'snowfas', cushions, and lighting.

Visitors will be able to watch Culleton carve Snowplaces at 3 different locations throughout Riding Mountain National Park.

They will then be able to enjoy these Snowplaces for the remainder of the winter.

Culleton says he would be willing to share some tips and tricks as well, so you can try your hand at sculpting at home.

He adds that the winter season is his favourite time and the frigid temperatures won't slow him down.