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See Manitoba in unique ways in local author's new book

11.09.2019 08:34
By: Harry Callaghan

Christine Hanlon's "Everything Manitoba: The Ultimate Book of Lists"

Image: MacIntyre Purcell Publishing

If you think you know your Manitoba - you should check out Christine Hanlon's new book - because there's probably something in it that'll surprise you.

It's titled "Everything Manitoba: The Ultimate Book of Lists".

Hanlon says "There's something for everyone, that's the great thing. It's a way of reading something in bite size pieces about Manitoba, and at the end - when you've read all the little pieces - it's like a jigsaw puzzle in a way; you get a portrait of our province."

Local celebrities contributed lists like TV weather guy John Sauder's "Top 10 Extreme Weather Events" - Chris D's "10 Ways to Celebrate a Manitoba Whiteout" - and former MTC director Steven Schipper's "10 Favourite Plays Set in Manitoba".

"Everything Manitoba: The Ultimate Book of Lists" is published by MacIntyre Purcell and is available online through McNally Robinson, Chapters and Amazon.