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Spotty rainfall continues to complicate this year's crop development

09.07.2019 15:14
By: Brad Gordon

Weekly crop report shows Central, Eastern Manitoba struggling with dry conditions.

Uneven rainfall across Manitoba has some farmers smiling, some despairing their crop's development.

This week's crop report shows localized rainfall over much of the province, with heavy amounts in local areas in eastern Manitoba on Monday. 

Otherwise, persistent dry condition have grain and forage producers concerned, particularly in the Interlake, Dauphin-Ste. Rose areas.

Meanwhile, alfalfa weevils and grasshoppers are also hurting hay and forage growers.


In the Southwest region;

- Crops benefited this week from normal-to-above-normal temperatures.  Rainfall was spotty, just as crops like corn, soybeans and sunflowers need it most. 

- Winter cereals are starting to ripen.  Crops are looking good, but yield potential is not promising due to lack of moisture during early development.

- Peas are flowering, with some early seeded crops forming pods.

- 80% of spring cereals are heading.  Overall crop is good, but some areas need moisture.

- Canola is very stagey.  Early seeded feeds are fully flowering.  Funigicide is being used by some as the crop is very thick.

- Soybean crops need a lot of heat at this stage.

- Early seed flax is in full bloom.

- sunflowers are at R1 stage, with low insect pressure so far.

- Corn is seeing patchy development in some field areas, some with limited nutrients with nitrogen and sulfur symptoms.

- Rainfalls have greened pasturelands, but productivity remains below average.  Recent rains have helped quantities of the first cut.  Quality is variable.  Dugouts are 60% to 70% full.


You can download the full crop report here