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Summer water park at Keystone Centre opens Friday

11.06.2019 19:02
By: Tyler Head

15,000 square feet of fun, available for six weeks

The south side of the Keystone Grounds will be the location for water slides this summer.

Owner of Brandon Bouncy Castles & Water Slides James Ruser and his crew are busy setting up the park for Friday's opening.

The 15,000 square foot park will be available for six weeks.

James has 45 employees and volunteers working for the park and he expresses his gratitude, "I've been blessed to have some support from the Brandon Boxing Club, and family and friends."

Sand is also being added to the water park.  James Ruser comments on it, "We're building water slides, maybe building a beach would help, too, [for] those people who can't get away to cabins or can't travel this summer.  I'm trying to bring the beach and the water to them."

A food truck will be available, a hot dog & ice cream stands, and even air-conditioned washrooms.

The park is not aimed to break the bank since prices for admission won't exceed $20.

James is also throwing a barbecue for his employees and volunteers who helped him with setting up the park.

The fire department will be inspecting to ensure the safety of the park prior to its opening.

The park is scheduled to open Friday, June 14th.