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Tipi fire at Brandon University

12.06.2019 11:36
By: Tyler Head

A ceremonial tipi caught fire overnight at BU

A tipi erected at Brandon University's center court caught fire during the early morning hours.

It was raised yesterday to symbolize the start of a conference at the university.

Brandon University's Marketing Communications Officer Grant Hamilton shares what information he has, "Our security discovered it between 1:30am and 2:00 am.  They had done a couple of passes, and it was fine during the first pass, and not fine after the second pass."

"We don't have any information about what caused the fire, what we do know is the impact that it had: it was hurtful, it feels like a violation, (and) it feels like a trauma," said Hamilton.

The slightly charred poles of the tipi remained and was respectfully taken down this morning.

In revelation to the discovery, five more tipis will be erected at Brandon University.

Brandon Fire Emergency Services were not called since the fire burnt out at the time of detection.

So far, there are no witnesses to the fire.

The incident appears to be accidental, but any witnesses are urged to contact Brandon Police Service at 729 - 2345.