Vehicle giveaway boosting morale in Dauphin High School

13.06.2018 16:52
By: Matthew Higgs

Principal says giveaway give some students more of a reason to come to school

Dauphin, MB (CKLQ) - It is probably a prize that you would never ever think you could win at school, but for students of Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School, it is very much a reality.

As long as you go to school at least 90% of the time.

For the past four years, students with 90% attendance at the high school are entered in a draw to win a vehicle at the end of the school year.

This year, the winner was Grade 10 student Zach Zurba, who took home a 2004 Chevy Avalanche, donated by Twin Motors Dauphin.

Principal Norm Cassavant says they wanted to give some students more of a reason to come to school.

"We were originally hoping to target kids that would miss a lot of classes," said Cassavant. "But we saw that the increase in attendance came to the kids who were already invested in their classes."

Cassavant says that the giveaways, which include monthly prizes with electronics and fishing gear, has not exactly done what it was meant to do.

But he says another thing has come from the giveaways.

"The morale in the school has gone up significantly," said Cassavant. "We have almost no violence and negative activity in the school anymore"

Cassavant was reluctant to say if the morale boost was up specifically because of the giveaways, but he says the school is doing their best to help their students, learn and graduate.