Volunteers needed for Track and Field event

27.07.2018 13:44
By: Matthew Higgs

Second straight year the event will be held in the city

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Just two weeks before the Legion National Track and Field event in Brandon, organizers are looking for more volunteers.

It's the second straight year the event will be held in the city.

Organizers looking for volunteers was a common theme last year as well, but media relations coordinator Lonnie Patterson understands why not many people are jumping at the opportunity right now.

"Everyone is trying to figure out their plans during the summer," said Patterson. "I'm confident that by the final before the event, we'll get the volunteers we need.'

The volunteers would be asked to help out set up and take down, before and after the event.

They would also be asked to take over responsibilities during the competitions.

The event starts on August 10 and ends on August 12.