Water Issues - UPDATED

14.03.2018 09:00
By: Cam Hallas

Officials say water plant issues resolved

RM of Wallace-Woodworth, MB (CKLQ)  A water supply issue affecting residents in  Kenton, along the Kenton rural pipeline, and in Riverdale has been resolved.

The notice was released on Wednesday, March 14.

RM of Wallace-Woodworth officials say the problem was a flushing issue on the raw line, and was resolved after eight hours of flushing.

People can resume normal water usage.


RM of Wallace-Woodworth, MB (CKLQ) - Some rural communities in the Westman area are being advised of a water supply issue.

The advisory was issued on Tuesday, March 13.

Due to a supply issue of raw water at the Water Plant, people in the community of Kenton, along the Kenton rural pipeline, and in Riverdale are asked to restrict all non-essential water use.

The agricultural community is also asked to avoid excessive water use where possible.

Livestock owners are encouraged to use alternative water sources to help minimize shortages until the issues can be resolved.

Residents in the RM of Pipestone and Maryfield, or along the Wallace rural pipeline are not affected.